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Development plans for Thames Airfield

Six sites are available to be leased as Stage One of the development.  In the future there will be more sites for hangars, residential hangars and commercial activity. Download the Thames Airfield Development Plan document on the right hand side of the page to see the overall concept.

To ensure a consistent and cohesive look to the development Design Specifications have been developed and signed off by Council. These specifications must be adhered to by anyone wishing to construct hangars. Download the Thames Airfield Hangar Development and Design Specifications document and Deed of Lease on the right hand side of the page to see all the detailed requirements related to leasing the land and constructing a hangar.

To allow this development to occur Council has updated the Thames Airfield Master Plan. This strategic document safeguards the future opportunity of the airfield for all activities. Download the Thames Airfield Master Plan on the right hand side of the page where infrastructure, hangars, land and development plans are discussed in detail.

Council has also updated the airfield designation to meet our District Plan’s requirements for future development.Download the Designation on the right hand side of the page to view all the details.

Please submit your application via mail to:

Thames-Coromandel District Council

Private Bag

Thames 3540

Reference - Thames Airfield Development

or via email to

About Thames Airfield

Thames Airfield from above

Thames is the key service town for the Coromandel and much of the Hauraki Plains and is little more than a one-hour drive from Auckland (including Ardmore Airport) and Hamilton – or about 15 minutes by plane. Tauranga is less than two hours by car. Most of the Coromandel Peninsula is within a 90-minute drive from Thames. 

Thames Airfield, formally known as Sir Keith Park Memorial Airfield, is one of several small airfields on the Coromandel serving the needs of the aviation community through the region.  The proximity to Ardmore, the wider Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions, and the Hauraki Gulf Islands of Waiheke and Great Barrier make Thames both a great base for aircraft owners and for those transiting the region. 

Thames-Coromandel District Council is the owner and operator of the airfield and it’s available for general use.  

The airfield hosts commercial helicopter operations, the Thames Air Cadets and it’s a great site for skydiving, gliding and flying instruction. 

The main north-south runway is 1,112m long and the secondary east-west runway is 707m long. Both are grassed. Fuel pumps dispense Jet A1 and Avgas 100. 

For operational information on Thames Airfield go to our website