Thames Urban Development Strategy - Project

The Thames UDS was adopted by the Thames Community Board in July 2013.

The Thames UDS was adopted by the Thames Community Board in July 2013 - Check out the historic project update webpage to see how the plan was pulled together.

The strategy has been in development since mid-2012 with substantial input from the Thames community through the Thames Focus Group and public workshops held to "learn from the locals".

The focus areas for redevelopment within the Thames urban footprint includes:

  • The development of Grahamstown into a visitor destination and leisure hub.
  • The redevelopment of the civic centre area into a regional cultural and commercial hub.
  • New central housing development offerings promoting new compact urban living opportunities.
  • Recreational initiatives including development of safer user friendly pedestrian and cycling pathways around the town.

The strategy identifies both council controlled land for redevelopment and opportunities for private property reutilisation to revitalise the central urban area for both economic and social benefit.

A project development unit is proposed to manage the major projects and act for Council to attract inward investment through Council initiated mechanisms and the promotion of partnering.

The Thames Community Board recognises that consultation with private landowners and the community, as well as further feasibility work is required before initiating the individual projects being proposed.

To read the Draft Thames Urban Development Strategy click here.



Thames Focus Group

The Thames Focus Group is a sub-committee of the Thames Community Board.

It was formed to help develop at strategy to protect Thames unique historical, geographic and social qualities while looking at ways to form future growth, tourism and development.

The Group has been instrumental in coming up with the Draft Thames Development Strategy.


Project Timeline

March 2011. Thames Focus Group Established

October 2012 - July 2013. Thames Draft Urban Development Strategy Developed.

July 2013. The Board intends to make its final amendments to the draft strategy prior to endorsement in July 2013.