Thames Civic Centre Upgrade

This project is complete

Work on the Thames Civic Centre is now complete with Thames i-SITE and tourism marketing agency Destination Coromandel now operating from the new office spaces.

i-SITE opened its doors in the new premises on Saturday 1 August, with busses now dropping off and picking up passengers and tourists outside the i-SITE in the heart of the Thames business area.

You can read past updates below.

The journey through past updates:

Work almost finished viewed from the outside

Monday 27 July 2015

Two years on from the first Thames Urban Development Strategy workshop, outcomes are becoming more noticeable with the Civic Centre about to be the new home of Thames i-SITE.

Interior building work was completed this week, with surrounding road works still to be completed by the official i-SITE move date of Saturday 1 August.

Thames i-SITE and Destination Coromandel are about to begin furnishing the now completed new office spaces.

Also, remember that from 1 August, the buses will also be picking up and dropping off from the new kerb area in front of the Civic Centre on Mary Street.

AA vehicle and driver testing has already moved and is now at our Council's district office at 515 Mackay Street in Thames.

Final changes to come:

  • The service lane behind the Civic Centre will become one-way.
  • The service lane exit onto Mary Street will be a left-turn only (toward the roundabout.)
  • Some changes to the street light poles are being made at A&G Price and we'll also fit the new flags while the poles are down.
  • Parking allocation and times will change.
  • We'll have a new, more accessible and safer pedestrian crossing a little further south.

Map of Civic Centre road works July 2015

Download a larger full copy of the plan map here.

The Civic Centre upgrade has now accomplished:

  • installation of broadband
  • interior renovation to provide two tenantable office spaces 
  • a more attractive location for the Thames i-SITE in the centre of town
  • a bus terminal within the centre of Thames
  • a higher profile shop front for Destination Coromandel
  • better public toilet facility outside the Civic Centre
  • retention of a conference room for hire
  • Facility power upgrade to 3-phase (for industrial sound and lighting rigs, among other uses)

This project is borne from the Thames Urban Design Strategy, proposing hubs for community activities. You can get a sense of the vision for future proposals for Thames by taking a look at the strategy here.

The building upgrade work has included the refurbishment of the public toilets outside the Civic Centre. We replaced the domestic fittings with more hard-wearing industrial strength fittings and backing boards so they can cope better with the day-to-day wear imposed by public use.

Destination Coromandel and Thames i-SITE will officially open at the Civic Centre on 1 August.

You can take a look at the Civic Centre building renovation plans here. (PDF 10 MB)

Thames i-SITE location change

From July 2015, Thames i-SITE will be managed by our region's tourism marketing organisation, Destination Coromandel, as it does the i-SITE in Whitianga. 

To simplify operations, Destination Coromandel will occupy one of the new office spaces from Saturday 1 August with the Thames i-SITE occupying the other space.

We look forward to offering visitors and bus passengers to Thames a more accessible central location to find out about all the things they can do while they're here in the Coromandel.

You can see how Destination Coromandel works to promote our district at

AA service centre location change

The new Civic Centre location for the i-SITE doesn't have enough room for the AA service centre, but rather than losing the AA service, forcing Coromandel residents to travel to Morrinsville or Auckland, we're relocating it into Council's customer service centre in Mackay Street, Thames.

The AA Service Centre will move to our Council reception area at 515 Mackay Street, Thames, on 1 July 2015.

Other Councils have done this for their communities too, such as service centres at District Council offices in Kawerau, Waitomo, Ruapehu, Tararua, Tasman, Selwyn, Timaru, MacKenzie and Waimate.  

But unlike other places where you have to line up for a separate AA service area, you'll be able to come and see any of our Customer Service team at our main reception area and any one of them will be able to take care of you as they are all being AA trained.

AA is supplying all the IT systems, phone lines, fittings and furniture, and will administer all the financials directly through the AA electronic banking system, so there's no extra load on our Council's system.

Council approved the AA contract during its meeting on Wednesday 13 May, and is doing this as a service to Coromandel residents, so they don't have to travel out of the district to renew their licenses or to sit a driving test.

Other changes to the Civic Centre area include:

  • The service lane behind the Civic Centre will become one-way 
  • The service lane exit onto Mary Street will be a left-turn only (toward the roundabout)
  • The Goldfields pedestrian crossing will move closer to the children's playground. We will be retrofitting the island design (changing it slightly from the one in the plan here) to make it slightly wider and enable better disabled access, making it easier to navigate for those with mobility challenges.
  • Parking allocation and times will change (a bylaw amendment to the time limits for public parking will be going before Council soon)

Take a look at the planned changes to the service lane, parking and pedestrian crossing locations in the roading design map. (PDF 1.6 MB)

Safety information

During the renovation period, the manual fire alarm button at the Civic Centre's front door is not in use, but the rest of the manual buttons at every other emergency exit still work as normal.