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Tairua Youth Zone

20 June 2012

This project is closed.

Latest news September 2012: Tairua Youth Zone on its way!

Equipment is being ordered for the long-awaited Tairua Youth Zone that staff and community-based contractors will build for an opening by Christmas. Our staff have worked closely with the Tairua Youth Forum representing youth in the town, and with opponents of the original plan for a skatepark, and have come up with an exciting plan.

The concept provides for young people aged 10 and over with a range of cutting edge play and fitness equipment, paving, landscaping and seating.

Project background and scope

The Council and Tairua-Pauanui Community Board has considered many locations over the years when it tried to establish a youth zone in the town.

The proposal was subjected to extensive community consultation through the Local Government Act 2002, Reserves Act 1977 and Resource Management Act 1991 processes. The project and design is included in the Tairua Pauanui Reserve Management Plan.

From the processes completed it was clear that there were strong views both in support of and opposition to the proposal within the Tairua community.



The location of the facility is at the tennis courts end of Cory Park Domain, between the dead ball line of the sports field and the concreted area of the tennis courts.

Resource consent for the earthworks and noise aspects of the proposal was lodged on 11 January 2011 and publicly notified on 4 February 2011. While full public notification was not required, due to the wide public interest in the project, full public consultation was requested by TCDC in its applicant role and subsequently carried out.

Submissions closed on 4 March 2011. There were 409 submissions received, 45 in opposition and 364 in support. 

Due to the opposition the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board requested the Council put the resource consent application on hold pending investigations into alternative sites.

The Pepe Reserve was reinvestigated again as an alternative to the Cory Park Domain location. Similar issues were encountered in this investigation as were traversed in the initial consideration of the Pepe Reserve site early in the project.

The Pepe Reserve site is not considered to be a better location than the Cory Park Domain site and the location remains as originally proposed on the Cory Park Domain.


Further discussions on the design were held this year with representatives of the Tairua Youth Forum Incorporated and neighbouring landowners/Protect Cory Park Domain Incorporated which represents those opposed to the proposal.

It was decided that the skateboarding component of the original design would be removed after discussions with the parties. Some minor amendments may be required as part of the detailed construction process and the council will be looking for savings wherever possible.

This revised concept plan for the Tairua Youth Zone without the skate aspect was presented to the Community Board and Youth Forum for their information in March 2012 and adopted by the board at its meeting on 18 June 2012.

Download the concept design and map here.


Budgeted expenditure has been set aside through the Ten Year Plan. Due to the revised design that does not include the skateboarding aspect, staff members will report back to the council in August with details on the revised project cost. Included in the costs of the new design is new paths and relocating the cricket nets.

The Tairua Youth Forum has raised $20,090 of their $25,000 contribution to the project.