Organisational restructure and community empowerment

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The Thames-Coromandel District Council has undertaken a review of its structure this year to ensure it can deliver on the new Council's mission, vision and objectives.

Review objectives

  • To develop an organisational design that is fit for purpose and will facilitate the achievement of elected Council's Mission, Vision and Outcomes. Significant to this is the Council's desire for faster and more empowered decision-making, streamlined accountabilities and less unnecessary "red tape"
  • To ensure that core asset infrastructure is not undermined or degraded
  • To ensure that the Council has an organisational design that is effective and efficient in the delivery of services. Council has noted that the on-going recession and fall in revenue growth has highlighted the need for more cost effective delivery. TCDC rates are some 14% above the national averagewith the position being some 20% higher in Thames itself. Had economic growth continued at pre-recession levels it is noted that the pressure for expenditure reduction may have been very different
  • The entire organisation is responsive to customers and stakeholders and increases their level of satisfaction. Council's desire is for a structure which improves key customer relationships and faster decision-making for more satisfying outcomes for customers
  • Community governance is enhanced and facilitated throughout the District by increasing community input to decision-making. This process may well increase resourcing and delegations to Area Offices as well as a re-alignment of Area versus District activities
  • To review the scope of Council activities to core priorities which are appropriate to a time of recession

The new structure and community governance

The new organisational structure is critical to the implementation of a new governance model and to enhance community empowerment. The new organisational structure, announced on 30 March 2012, has put in place new resources and structures for area offices to be able to deliver local services and to support newly empowered Community Boards.

Central to the structure are the establishment of new Area Office functions and resources including:

  • New area manager roles with much more responsibility to deliver local services for their community
  • New community development roles to work with the community to establish local projects and initiatives (community empowerment in action!)
  • Project managers reporting directly to the area managers to work on local projects
  • Area coordinator roles to work with Community Boards

The Area offices are based in Thames, Whangamata and Whitianga, which will manage local  services with their Community Boards (Coromandel/Colville local services will be managed from the Thames area office). To find out more about these services, please visit this section.