Wainuiototo Bay - New Chum Resource Consent Application

The latest application for a subdivision at New Chum Beach (Wainuiototo Bay) has now been withdrawn.

The latest application for a subdivision at New Chum Beach (Wainuiototo Bay) has now been withdrawn.

All of the information about the Wainuiototo Bay - New Chum Subdivision Resource Consent Application can be found below. 

Public Notification of Application for Resource Consent

APPLICANT: Ross and Deidre Mear

TYPE OF CONSENT: Subdivision and Land Use   


  1. To subdivide the coastal property into five lots. Four lots will be residential lots with associated identified building sites and proposed conservation covenant areas. Each lot has a proposed area of 14.7 hectares. A fifth lot comprising land along the Wainuiototo Bay foreshore, is proposed to be owned and managed by a charitable trust on behalf of and for the benefit of the public of New Zealand and runs along the beach in front of each of the residential lots.
  2. To erect a one-lane bridge over the Pungapunga River and undertake earthworks as part of the proposed vehicle access upgrading works. Access is via and existing formed right of way off  Te Punga Road and a new portion of right of way through the sites.


182 Te Punga Road, Wainuiototo, Whangapoua. Allotment 4 and Part Allotment 5, Parish of Wainuiototo, CT SA11/175 comprising 60.7028

Resource Consent Application Documentation

Application Report

Earthtec Vehicle Access Way

Amended Subdivision Plan

Subdivision Plan

Landscape Proposal

Ecological Assessment

Landscape S92 Response

Appendix A - Cert Title

Appendix B - Sub Plans

Appendix C - Earthtec Geotech Report

Appendix D - T&T Geotechnical Report

Appendix E - Transportation

Appendix F - Beach Conservation Trust

Appendix G - Ecological Report

Appendix H - Landscape Visual Report

Appendix I - Archaeological Report

Appendix J - Contaminated Land Report

Appendix K - Natural Hazards Report

Appendix L - Draft Consent Conditions

Appendix M - WRC Bridge Consent

Appendix N - Relevant District Plan Object and Policies

RMS S92 response - Response Covering Letter

RMS S92 response - Response Letter

RMS S92 response - Amended Subdivision Plan

RMS S92 response - E1-E6 Preliminary ROW Design Drawings

Applicant's further information

Response letter to TCDC from Russell De Luca Consultancy Ltd.

Attachment A - Richard Hart Supplementary Landscape and Visual Effects Assessment Report

Attachment B - RMS Surveyors Subdivision Plans and Engineering Drawings

Attachment C - CFG Heritage Archaeological Assessment Report

Attachment D - Draft Esplanade Strip Instrument Document

Attachment E - Draft New Chum Beach Management Plan