Marine Precinct Feedback

This project is now complete.

Latest News

  • 26 September 2011 - Council approves option 3
  • 29 July 2011 - Community Board recommends option 3

What we are trying to achieve

The Whangamata marine precinct focuses on the undeveloped balance land (the majority of which is Council owned) adjacent to the Whangamata Marina and Breakers Motel that adjoins Hetherington Road. The land extends from the planted rear embankment of the dry storage area (land leased to the Whangamata Marina Society) through to and including the area known as the overflow boat trailer parking and perimeter drainage channel. This land is currently zoned Housing Zone Extra Density under the District Plan.

The site also takes into consideration the Hetherington Road Reserve, the tidal area between the causeway and the marina edge, the current trailer boat parking area, and foreshore of the harbour from the marina up to and including the public boat launching area.

We have commissioned a project to identify and assess ideas and options for the land. The project aims to provide recommendations to guide future use and investment while making sure that the land also meets the needs of the current community.

What we have done

We have engaged with community members and stakeholders, to articulate a number of concept plans for the land that reflect different community and Council needs and desires.

Recently, our internal departments, urban design professionals, Waikato Regional Council and Department of Conservation have been working together to develop potential options for the marine precinct. This work has been based on the feedback given by stakeholders, the community and elected members. The main focus of the team has been to develop options for the raised overflow parking area. Both public feedback and technical inputs will inform a preferred option which is to be discussed by the Whangamata Community Board.

Where you fit in

We are seeking your feedback on the Whangamata Marine Precinct Options to assist the Whangamata Community Board in providing a recommendation to us, who will in turn make a decision on the future use of this land.

Find the following links to the documents needed to provide feedback in download box on this page :

  • Download the Marine Precinct Options.
  • Download the feedback form, complete and return by Friday 17 June 2011.

For ease of reference the report and its attachments are listed as individual documents :