Aquaculture Infrastructure Project

This project has now been incorporated into the Aquaculture work strand of our Productivity Plan, which Council endorsed in 2018.

Production from wild fisheries has been static since the mid-1990s and aquaculture has been supplying the growing demand for seafood.

On the Coromandel, the industry is outgrowing the existing wharfing infrastructure at the Sugarloaf Wharf, near Coromandel Town. With demand soaring for our export quality Greenshell Mussels and Pacific Oysters, the Coromandel industry can't grow to meet forecasted global demand because of the bottleneck at the wharf.

We don't think this situation is good for our economy or for our communities, especially in north Coromandel where jobs are scarce and permanent population is in decline in places.

As owners and operators of wharfs on the Coromandel, with a keen interest in facilitating the creation of jobs for our communities, we are working with the aquaculture industry and the community to investigate wharfing options and locations for new or expanded facilities so the industry can grow - and with it jobs and economic opportunity.