Council Meetings - Frequently Asked Questions

Who are my local politicians and how do I contact them?

Find the names and contact details for your elected representatives by visiting our Councillor and Community Board members section.

Are members of the public allowed at Council meetings?

Yes, meetings of the Council and committees are open to the public. Occasionally it will be necessary to exclude the public for all or part of a meeting where sensitive or confidential items will be considered. The Chairperson also has the discretion to remove a member of the public whose conduct is disorderly or creating a disturbance to the meeting. For more information view our Public Participation at Meetings section

Are members of the public allowed to speak at Council meetings?

Members of the public are allocated a defined period of time, usually at the start of an ordinary meeting, this is called Public Forum. Public Forums are designed to enable members of the public to bring matters, not necessary on the meetings agenda to the attention of the local authority.

How do I make an appointment to speak at a Public Forum during a Council meeting?

If you are wanting to speak at a public forum contact the relevant Committee Advisor, see Public Participation at meeting.

When and where does the Council meet?

The Council meets at the Council Chambers in Thames, which is located at 515 Mackay Street in Thames. Council meetings start at 9am.

When is the next Council meeting?

Visit our Events and Meetings calendar to find out.

What is an order paper?

An order paper is a collection of reports which make up the content of the Council meeting, it includes an agenda (the order of items to be discussed in the meeting).

I can't make a meeting, how do I find out about what happened?

Why not join our eNewsletter and receive the highlights from the Council meeting straight to your inbox. Go to our subscription page and subscribe to the "Council meetings" list.

Alternatively, you can visit this page and read the official minutes from the meeting.

Where can I get a copy of the next Council meeting order paper?

You can download a copy from the Council website or you can pick up a copy of the latest order paper at your nearest Council Service Centre or District Library. Copies will be made available 2 working days before the Council meeting.

How do I find out more about how Local Government works?

Visit this Department of Internal Affairs web page about Local Government to find out how Local Government operates.