Judicial Committee

The Judicial Committee meets every six weeks in the Thames Council Chambers.

The Judicial Committee conduct hearings under the Resource Management Act 1991 and consider regulatory and statutory matters as delegated. It undertakes any functions as requested or delegated by Council from time to time provided the functions conform to the Local Government Act 2002

The Judicial Committee members are:

Group Manager, Community Environment Marion Smith is the sfaff member supporting this committee. 

Judicial Committee Support

Committees of Council are supported by a Committee Secretary.

If you wish to address Council or its Committees during a public forum session please contact the relevant Committee Secretary. See our Public Participation at Meetings page for more information.

Committee Secretary : Erin Berry

Phone : 07 868 0200

Purpose of the Judicial Committee

This committee was formed to:

  • Conduct hearings under the Resource Management Act 1991 and consider regulatory/statutory matters.

The committee will undertake any functions as requested by Council from time to time so long as such functions conform to the Local Government Act 2002 Section 39(c).

Judicial Committee, meeting as a Hearing Committee shall be delegated authority to hear and determine matters including but not limited to:

  • Resource Management Act 1991
  • Public Works Act 1981
  • Local Government Act 2002
  • Local Government Act 1974
  • Sale of Liquor Act 1989
  • Reserves Act 1977
  • Delegated decisions
  • Council Policy

Agenda (Order Paper)

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All Order Papers are listed two (2) clear working days prior to a meeting. The list below outlines our future meetings dates for 2014. These dates are subject to change.

Confirmed Minutes

Minutes are updated and published once confirmed at the following meeting.