Meet the Leadership Team

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Acting Chief Executive

Acting Chief Executive: Rex Capil

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Operations Group

Group Manager: Bruce Hinson

Bruce Hinson

  • Roading
  • Infrastructure
  • Water services
  • Solid waste
  • Community facilities
  • Project delivery
  • Building inspections and consents
  • Community health and safety
  • Liquor licencing
  • Bylaws enforcement
  • Development planning

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Corporate Services Group  

Group Manager: Donna Holland



  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Revenue
  • Information systems
  • Customer services
  • Legal counsel
  • Audit, risk and procurement analysis
  • Property management

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Strategy and Governance 

Group Manager: Rex Capil 


  • Policy and planning
  • Governance
  • Asset planning
  • Area management (North and South)
  • Strategic relationships

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Economic Development and Communications

Group Manager: Laurna White

Laurna White


  • External and internal communications
  • Public relations
  • Media management
  • Advertising, promotion and marketing
  • District events coordination
  • Economic development
  • Community development
  • Business relations

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