Hot Water Beach Circuit Walk

This walk takes you past Hot Water Beach's natural thermal pools, that draw people from all over the world when the spring appears 2hrs either side of low tide. It's located off the headland in the middle of the beach and caution is needed when digging as temperatures can be extremely hot.

Park at Bull Paddock car park opposite the campground entrance on the road in to Hot Water Beach and follow the walkway sign below the pa headland, along the stream through groves of young nikau to sand dunes and the beach. The thermal springs are to your left here. Stroll right along the beach, rock hop across the stream and follow the walkway sign left along the base of the headland on a path that leads to some steep sections and steps before opening up to Pye Pl. Walk the footpath back to the shops and follow the sign-posted estuary walk back to Hot Water Beach Rd and the car park. Allow 1hr plus diversions for a hot soak at low tide and visits to the local art gallery, surf shop and cafés.