Freedom Camping Bylaw Review

We started a review of our 2014 Freedom Camping Bylaw late in 2020 and consulted with our community on proposed changes from 11 December 2020 to 2 February 2021.

Hearings of submissions we received were completed on 13 April 2021. 

A deliberation meeting was scheduled for 25 May 2021 but was postponed to allow staff to undertake further work around issues identified through the submissions we received.

A report on the issue of the bylaw review was considered by Council at its 8 February 2022 meeting.

A copy of the report can be viewed here:  

At the meeting the Council decided that a new bylaw should be prepared because an error in the review date for the bylaw meant the review had started after the due date and could not be completed, and the bylaw had been automatically revoked on 22 October 2021. That required the review to be formally discontinued and a new bylaw written. 

The work done by staff, and the feedback from submissions received on the previous review, will be taken into consideration as the new bylaw is developed. All people who made submissions on the review have been directly informed of the discontinuation of the review, the process for making a new bylaw and the opportunity they will have to submit on the proposed new bylaw. 

We expect the process to prepare a new bylaw to take six months.

Please direct all enquiries to