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Emergency Management

This is the website for the Thames Valley Civil Defence Emergency Operating Area

Civil Defence - Who are we and what do we do?

Civil Defence is not one thing, it is communities, organisations and government working together to get ready and get through an emergency. We are all Civil Defence.

Thames-Valley Emergency Operating Area

We are part of the Thames Valley Emergency Operating Area which comprises this Council, Matamata-Piako District Council and Hauraki District Council.

Helen Flynn
Emergency Management Officer
Phone: 07 868 0200
Fax: 07 868 9586

Fire Safety

Fire safety is everyone's business. Find out more about keeping your friends, family and colleagues safe from fire. Follow the link to find out more about Fire Safety.

When a Civil Defence emergency occurs

Should an emergency occur, your Mayor or Regional Chairperson may declare a Civil Defence emergency. Once a declaration has been made, the Civil Defence Controller and the police have the legal authority to:

  • Evacuate buildings and places
  • Restrict entry into buildings, including private homes
  • Close roads and public places
  • Remove vehicles that impede emergency services and civil defence work
  • Requisition items that are needed to save lives

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Emergency management is everyone's business

In New Zealand, we are constantly exposed to the risk of disaster. It is important that we understand these risks and what they can do to us. However, there are measures we can all take to reduce the impact of disasters and be better prepared to recover quickly.

These measure include:

  • Securing heavy objects to prevent damage during an earthquake
  • Keeping drains and waterways clear to reduce flooding
  • Being careful with how we use our land

Refer to the emergency advice section in your Yellow Pages or you can visit the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management's website at www.civildefence.govt.nz

Keep up to date

Emergency information can also be found on this website,  Facebook, Twitter, and your local radio station.


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Emergency Radio Frequencies

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