One way that we can minimise the amount of waste we are sending to landfill is to compost our kitchen waste. Read below to find out how you can compost.



Compost is nature's way of recycling. 

You can compost majority of your kitchen scraps. Fruit and vegetable peels, leftover food, eggshells and tea bags are all compostable items that don't need to be thrown in with your general rubbish. 

You can purchase compost bins from majority of hardware stores in our District like Mitre10. You could build your own compost bin out of plastic bins or pallets or simply have a compost heap. 

Tips for composting: 

  • Keep a small compost bin or container under your sink to easily dispose of scraps and peels and when that is full, taking it out to your compost bin. 
  • Adding leaves, sticks, twigs and newspaper to your compost can help it to break down easier. 
  • When your compost has started to break down (this can take up to six weeks), mix it in your garden soil as fertilizer to help your plants grow. 

What about greenwaste?  

Greenwaste can be dropped off at your local RTS or you can contact a private greenwaste collection company to arrange a collection service