Waste Exchange and Farm Waste

Silage wrap recycling programmes pick up direct from the farm gate!

Farmers with excess used silage wrap at the end of winter are encouraged to recycle rather than burn or bury.

Silage wrap is made of low-density polyethylene, a recyclable plastic that can be made into products such as Tuff Board for use elsewhere on the farm.

The Plasback and Agrecovery silage wrap recycling programmes provide responsible solutions for the disposal of used silage wrap. Both Plasback and Agrecovery will pick up from your farm and will also take your agrichemical containers (rinsed), bale net, pit covers and feed bags.

For more information, and to see which option suits, check out www.plasback.co.nz (free phone 0508 338 240) or www.agrecovery.co.nz (free phone 0800 247 326).

What is The Waste Exchange?

Through its website www.nothrow.co.nz, The Waste Exchange gives all members of the community access to reusable materials and information about local recyclers and regional recycling services.

Over 900 companies have joined the Waste Exchange to assist in their waste management and minimisation efforts and many have had results which have saved them money. The Waste Exchange encourages all exchanges of waste to be free of charge.