Kerbside Rubbish and Recycling Collection

No Kerbside recycling collections for the rest of March for all properties in our district

Our Solid Waste Contractor, Smart Environmental Limited (SEL), has advised us that unfortunately due to a driver shortage in their local operations, they are not able to provide recycling and glass collection services for all properties in our district, from Monday 20 March 2023 to Friday 31 March 2023 – and will only be collecting blue Council rubbish bags over these two weeks.

This has been caused by:

  1. An ongoing national shortage of drivers.
  2. A COVID-19 wave going through SEL’s local branch.
  3. The closure of SH25A causing a significant increase in travel time making Monday and Tuesday services extremely difficult to complete within each driver’s logbook driving hours.

SEL has advised that these two weeks of reduced services will allow time for their drivers infected with COVID-19 to rest and recover before returning to work. SEL are conducting a strong recruitment drive through all available channels.

  • Please do not place your recycling wheelie bin or glass crate on the kerbside for collection in the next two weeks.
  • If you cannot hold onto your recycling during this time, please take it to one of our seven Transfer Stations in the district:
  • In relation to Beach Hop being next week and the anticipated increase in rubbish and recycling material over this time, we can confirm that the Whangamata transfer station will be operating under extended hours during the event.  The site will be open from 8.30am to 5.30pm over a six-day period from Wednesday 22 March to Monday 27 March before returning to usual operating hours. Visitors will be able to drop off their recycling on their way home.
  • If you or anyone you know is interested in applying for a driving role with Smart Environmental, please contact them directly on 0800 424 990 or visit their website

We sincerely apologise for the disruption to recycling services for the next two weeks, and we appreciate your understanding and patience for our Contractor at such a challenging time.

Coromandel Rural North Kerbside update 24 March:

Our Council has arranged for local waste services contractor Coastal Bins Ltd to complete a residential kerbside recycling collection for Coromandel Rural North this Saturday 25 March, as a one-off.  

All residents in this area are requested to leave their recycling wheelie bins and glass crates at the kerbside, for collection by Coastal Bins on this date. 

Our residents in the Coromandel Rural North loop have not received their usual fortnightly kerbside recycling collection for an extended period of time due to damage caused to our roading network over January and February. This damage has restricted access for some large vehicles to navigate the roads in the area.  

Although the condition of the roads are now somewhat improved, unfortunately our Solid Waste Contractor, Smart Environmental Ltd (SEL) is now experiencing a wave of COVID-19 in its local business, as well as a driver shortage. As a result, SEL recently advised that they would be unable to provide recycling collection for the entire district and other nearby Councils for the remainder of March. 

To all other collection areas – there are no one off recycling collection services during the next fortnight. However, recycling collections district-wide are scheduled to recommence the week starting Monday 3 April. 

Our Council extends its sincere apologies for being unable to provide full kerbside solid waste collection services to our communities for the past few weeks and would like to thank the community for their patience and support during these challenging times.  We will continue to keep the community informed regarding upcoming solid waste collection services. 

  • Our Solid Waste Contractor, Smart Environmental Ltd, advised on 28 February they were unable to collect recycling in this area until roading repairs were completed. Rubbish bag collections in the area have continued.
  • As kerbside recycling services have not been provided since Cyclone Gabrielle in mid February, we have arranged for our contractor to extend the operating hours of the Coromandel Refuse Transfer Station (RTSuntil late March should customers wish to take the material to the RTS in the interim. The Coromandel RTS will be open daily over this period from Monday to Friday 9.30am to 3pm, and Saturday and Sunday will be usual operating hours 9.30am – 4pm. Recycling is free to drop off.

View and download our 2023 Kerbside Schedules in the table below. Alternatively, open our Smart Maps system, select the Rubbish and Recycling viewer and enter your property address.

Location  Downloadable Schedules

South-Eastern Ward

 Mercury Bay Ward

Coromandel-Colville Ward


Thames Ward

Unsure if your property is Week 1 or Week 2? Open Smart Maps, select the Rubbish and Recycling map and enter your property address, or call us on 07 868 0200.

What goes in your rubbish and recycling?

kerbside for wbe.png

What do I do with my Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous waste is one of the biggest issues in our district.

Lightbulbs, batteries and old phones, tablets and laptops are materials that often end up in the rubbish that could go elsewhere.

Batteries: Batteries can be dangerous if placed in with your general waste. Lithium batteries, especially, pose a fire risk. We ask that you take any old used batteries to your local Refuse Transfer Station (RTS).

Asbestos: Find an authorised contractor to remove your asbestos. There is nowhere in our district where asbestos can be disposed of. The nearest place is Envirowaste in Hampton Downs.

Lightbulbs: Drop these off at your local RTS.

E-waste: Electronic waste (e-waste) includes old TVs, phones, iPads, tablets, laptops and the like. Please do not dispose of these in with your general waste. Most of these items have lithium inside them, which is a fire risk if put through a compactor. Old screens contain toxic elements and computers have mercury components. Our Refuse Transfer Stations cannot take e-waste. Instead, take these items to the Seagull Centre in Thames or Goldmine in Coromandel Town. They will take them for a koha. Some Noel Leeming shops also will accept e-waste.

How should I put out my rubbish and recycling for Kerbside collection?

When it's Kerbside collection day in your area, put out your blue Council rubbish bag, and if it's your area's turn for recycling collection, your crate for glass bottles and jars and your wheelie bin for other recyclables - by the kerb at the side of the road.

Kerbside rubbish or recycling not picked up?

We collect different bin/bag types at different times during the day at any time between 7.30am and dusk. 

Before contacting our Council, please check everything on the list below:

  1. It is the correct collection day/week for your address? 
  2. Was your rubbish and/or recycling put Kerbside before 7.30am?
  3. Is the glass crate broken? Contact our Council to request a replacement.
  4. Is the glass crate overfill? 
  5. Is the recycling wheelie bin closed flush? (Not overfilled)
  6. Is the recycling wheelie bin facing the road?
  7. Is the blue bag Kerbside?
  8. Are your neighbour's bags/bins still Kerbside?

Note: If your bin has been stickered, it has not been collected for the reason stated on the sticker.

To let us know if we've missed your collection, give us a call on 07 868 0200.

Missed your Kerbside collection day?

Leaving town before your collection day?

Please don't put out your rubbish or recycling before your collection day. Seagulls or roaming dogs sometimes get into the bags and scatter your rubbish down the street.

Please take your rubbish with you