If You Are an Affected Party

If you are affected and you have been asked to supply written approval for a resource consent application, ensure that you have full understanding of the overall effect that will impact you, your family and your property, it is your responsibility.

An applicant or someone acting on the behalf of an applicant is entitled to contact you and seek written approval from you and you are entitled to question any aspect of the proposed activity, it is also recommended that if you are affected you seek guidance on the Resource Consent process.

When you provide written approval for a proposed activity it means that the affects on you and your property can be disregarded when council consider the application. If you are unsure on whether or not you will agree to the proposed activity seeking independent advice may be beneficial. 

An applicant can make their own assessment and consider who may be affected by their proposal, however the Council Planner will make an assessment and determine who is affected and the level of that effect.  In some cases an organisation and/or people may have an interest in the proposed activity, however this does not necessarily infer that they are an affected person. 

If you are considered to be adversely affected by a proposed activity, the applicant will be advised by the Council, it will be their responsibility to consult with you and seek written approval.  If the application is notified council will provide the details, you will then have an opportunity to make a submission. 

What if I support the application? 

If you support an application you will need to sign the written approval of affected persons form and the application plans.   It is your responsibility to ensure that you have investigated the activity thoroughly before you sign the plans and the approval forms. It is recommended that you read through the full application including the Assessment of Environmental Effects, you may want to sign the supporting documents also if you are in support. 

What if I don't support an application?

You do not need to provide written approval if you do not agree with a proposal.  There is no timeframe in which you need to respond by, if you are undecided you can ask the applicant for more time to make a decision, however an applicant can still submit their proposal to council without the approval of identified affected persons.   

Can I change my mind?

You can change your mind, as long as council has not already issued a decision.  Any withdrawal of approval would need to be submitted to council in writing as soon as possible as this may impact whether or not the application needs to be notified. 

Can I change the proposal?

As an affected person you can discuss any concerns you have with the applicant, in some cases you may be able to negotiate with the applicant and reduce the impact that the activity will have on you, your family and your property. 

It is important to note that council only accepts unconditional approvals, partial approvals cannot be accepted by council, therefore any changes that you have agreed upon with the applicant will need to be included in the plans.  Any private agreements that take place between an applicant and an affected person cannot be monitored or enforced by council.