What do your rates pay for?

Here's information about what your rates go towards.

What You'll Get for Your Rates

It's important to us that you receive good value for money. When you compare the cost of all of our services on a weekly basis, the average ratepayer will pay around $61.95 a week, based on the proposed budget for 2021/22 in the draft Long Term Plan.

For that, ratepayers generally enjoy:

  • A district-wide roading network.
  • Safe drinking water at a turn of the tap.
  • Flush toilets.
  • Rubbish and recycling collection at their gate.
  • Well maintained footpaths and roads.
  • Libraries.
  • Parks, swimming pools and sports grounds.
  • Cemeteries.
  • Regulatory services like dog and noise control, food safety and other bylaw activities.
  • Local community grants.
  • Cleaner harbours and walkways.
  • Public toilets.
  • Community facilities such as halls.
  • Ensuring safe buildings.
  • Boat ramp access.
  • Civil defence when emergencies happen.
  • Lifeguards on eastern beaches.

Click on this handy infographic illustrating the facilities our Council provides to open a larger version:

What Council does infographic

Here's another way to slice it (click on the graphic to open a larger version):

Rates infographic for draft LTP 2021/22

Council Activities

Here's a brief description of our activities/services. For more detail please read our Long Term Plan or visit the Our Services section of our website.

Parks and Reserves

  • Parks, reserves, playgrounds and their management

Harbours, Airfield and Cemeteries, Toilets

  • Includes wharfs, boat ramps, closed and open cemeteries, airfields and public toilets and their management

Local Transportation

  • Things like town centre upgrades, street lights, and footpaths

District Transportation

  • Roads, sealing, bridges, dust seals

District Leadership and Local Advocacy

  • Elected members, Community Boards

Strategic Planning

  • The Strategic planning function for projects like the Coromandel Blueprint, the Long Term Plan and Annual Plan work

Hazard and Emergency Management

  • Civil Defence, emergency management and natural hazard management

Economic and Social Development

  • Supporting communities with economic development projects and funding for community initiatives

Community Health and Safety

  • Bylaws, health licensing, parking, animal control, liquor licensing

Building Control

  • Building consents and inspections and enforcement

Halls, Swimming Pools and Libraries

  • Community Halls, District Libraries and Swimming Pools

Landuse Planning and Management

  • Resource Management and Consents and the District Plan

Water supply

  • Fresh water supply, pipes and treatment plants


  • Waste water treatment plants and infrastructure


  • Managing stormwater

Solid Waste

  • Rubbish and recycling services

This pie chart gives a visual representation of what percentage of total Council spending goes to what activity (click on the chart to open a larger version):

Pie chart of Council spending