Pay A Freedom Camping Fine

To pay online all you need is your infringement number and a credit card.

Pay a freedom camping fine

To pay your fine online you will need your credit card or your debit/credit card and your infringement notice number. You can find the infringement notice number on the top right hand side of the notice.

Freedom camping fines must be paid in full (no part payments can be accepted) within 28 days of issue of the infringement. All amounts shown are in NZ dollars.

Pay online

Please note we only accept Visa and MasterCard and payment must be made in full. 

To proceed, please read our general terms and conditions for online transaction services.

By clicking on the pay now button you will be directed to our secure pages which use industry standard security (SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encyption).

Alternative ways to pay

Payments can be made by internet banking, or by cash, eft-pos, credit card or cheque at one of our offices in Thames, Coromandel, Whitianga or Whangamata. 

Why did I get a ticket and can I appeal?

The Freedom Camping Act 2011 and the Local Government Act 2002 allow for legal action with consequent fines for breaching Council's Freedom Camping Bylaw.

Our enforcement officers issue infringement notices if people are found to be non-compliant with the rules, however officers can use discretion. A fine can be up to $200.

Some of the reasons why we issue infringement notices include:

  • Freedom camping in a prohibited area.
  • Freedom camping in a restricted area in breach of the conditions that apply to that area.
  • Causing damage to an area - its flora or fauna, or any structure.
  • Depositing waste other than in an appropriate waste receptacle.

If you've been given an infringement notice and think you've been unfairly fined, you can make an appeal, within 28 days of issue of the ticket, using the form you can download here - Infringement Appeal Form. You can send it in via email to or by mail:

Thames-Coromandel District Council
Private Bag 1001
New Zealand