Online District Plan Portal

The District Plan Portal houses several tools that will help you access and navigate the District Plans.

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A District Plan is a very large and comprehensive document, which can make it hard to read and use online, especially as an electronic document like a "pdf", which is why we've used locally-developed online planning software so you can easily read and navigate around our plans online.


The District Plan Portal houses the following tools that will help you access and navigate the District Plans:

District Plan Text - ePlan

An electronic version of both the Operative District Plan and the Proposed District Plan (Appeals Version) which are searchable and printable. Click here to go to "The Plans".

Line of Enquiry

An easy step-by-step process, Line of Enquiry searches the Proposed District Plan using a property address or a zone as a starting point. The relevant "rules" are then extracted and provided in a printable document, e.g. rules for building a house, subdividing a property or rules that apply to a zone or overlay. Line of Enquiry also shows the Planning Maps for the selected property generated in SMART MAPS. Click here to search on a Property or Zone.

Download a step-by-step how-to PDF guide for using the Line of Enquiry.


SMART Maps is TCDC's web mapping application that allow you to explore a collection of focused maps (3Waters, Community, Property, Planning, Civil Defence) that contain a wealth of spatial data. Click here to access SMART Maps.