Health licences


If you operate one of the following (or similar businesses) you probably need a licence from us.

  • Camping ground
  • Food premises
  • Funeral parlour
  • Hairdressing salon

Food premises

All food businesses are now subject to the Food Act 2014.

The Act places all food businesses on a sliding scale where those that are higher risk (from a food safety point of view) will operate under more stringent food safety requirements and checks than lower-risk food businesses. 

To run a business, you need to register with the Thames Coromandel District Council or MPI. The organisation you register with depends on where you operate, and what type of plan or programme you need.

Food control plan or national programme?

You'll need to know if you will use a food control plan or a national programme before you register your business. Use 'My food rules' tool to find out more information.

Business Registration forms and Scope of Operations forms can be found at: