Mobile food stalls

Information if you are looking at operating a mobile food stall.

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Operating conditions for mobile traders are:

  1. If you are a mobile trader wanting to sell food, then a valid Registration Certificate is required before you can start trading. 
  2. Selling is permitted from the kerbside only, not on any loading zone or part of any road or service lane designated in any Bylaw
  3. Selling is prohibited within 50 meters of an intersection or curve in the road that would reduce visibility.
  4. Selling is prohibited from any designated parking area or parking space.
  5. The mobile or travelling shop shall not be parked in such a manner as to cause a traffic hazard.
  6. Selling is restricted to 50km per hour areas.
  7. Selling is prohibited within 150 meters of any business premises selling like goods.
  8. Selling shall be permitted only during daylight hours and for maximum period of 30 minutes at any one place.
  9. Selling is prohibited from any fixed position in any place or on any reserve vested in our control unless approval is gained by means of a Concession Licence.