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Halls and Venues

Thames Civic Centre

The Council owns community halls in 13 locations throughout the District. The level of management involvement ranges from full building ownership with onsite custodian to having service contracts with grants for community-based groups.

We assist with funding at nine community halls, most of which are owned and operated locally.

Council Halls

Venue hire rates in Thames, Whitianga, Pauanui and Whangamata vary according to the facilities you wish to use and whether it is to be hired for a community, private or commercial group. Many of our venues have full kitchen facilities and are very popular.

Enquire about venues or make a booking by contacting us.


The process for setting fees and charges is through the Annual Plan, and some new fees and charges start on 1 July.

Community Halls

Community halls are operated separately to us and these include the:

Contact operators of these halls direct to make a booking.

Hall operators can apply to Community Boards for grants to help with improvements. Community grants open annually in July.

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