Building Consent Approved

Our Council is part of the Waikato Building Consent Group which provides consistent administration of building consents across the eight member councils.

More information on the Waikato Building Consent Group is available on their website (Build Waikato)

Stamped and approved plans must be kept on site.

Once your consent is approved, it is your responsibility to print a full set of stamped approved building consent documents.  These must be kept on site at all times and are to be made available to the inspecting officer upon request.

When can building start?

You can start your build once you have BOTH your Building Consent and if applicable your Resource Consent.  For further information see Build Waikato website.

Delayed start of construction

Building work must commence within 12 months of the date of issue or your consent will lapse.  For further information regarding delays and extension of time see Build Waikato website.  

Inspections and Certification

All the building inspections required are listed in your consent and must be completed. They are required at key points in your buildng project to show that the work complies with the consent.

Information on how you can prepare for your inspection can be found on the Build Waikato website.

To book an inspection call Customer Services (07) 868 0200.

Amendments to consent documents

For all changes to the approved plans and specifications, it is important that these changes are submitted to Council before any changes are made to the building.  Some changes are considered MINOR and may only require a minor variation.  For MAJOR changes, you will need to submit an amendment application which will be treated as if it is a new building consent application.  For information as to what is considered a MINOR and MAJOR change, please see Build Waikato.

Amendment applications are to be made online and will be charged based on actual time spent processing the amendment application.

Code Compliance Certificate

When you finish your building work you must arrange for a final inspection, provide all the documentation required and then apply online for a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC).

A CCC is issued when we are satisfied the completed building work complies with the building consent.  It provides an assurance to both you and future owners that the building work was done to the appropriate standards.

Further information about Code Compliance Certificates can be found on the Build Waikato website.

Commercial & Industrial buildings

See Build Waikato for further information on the following: