Wharfs and Moorings

Our harbour facilities include recreational facilities such as boat ramps, jetties and commercial facilities such as wharves.

Sailboat at Manaia

Our harbour facilities include recreational facilities such as boat ramps, jetties and commercial facilities such as wharves.

Our wharves are maintained and managed to provide for a range of recreational and commercial uses. Examples of these are recreational boat servicing, scenic and charter boat operations and commercial fishing/harvesting.

Many harbour control and administration functions that were previously undertaken by us are now undertaken by the Waikato Regional Council; particularly activities below the Mean High Water Mark (e.g. harbour administration, mooring permits, etc).

Land Information New Zealand also has some harbour control and administration functions under the  Marine and Coastal Activities Act 2011.

Harbour Masters

Please visit the Waikato Regional Council's website for contact information for the Harbourmasters on the Coromandel.

Wharf Locations

Our wharfs are situated at the following locations:

  • Coromandel - Hanafords Wharf
  • Coromandel - Sugarloaf Wharf 
  • Coromandel - Wharf
  • Port Charles - Wharf
  • Thames - Wharf
  • Whitianga - Old Ferry Landing Wharf
  • Whitianga - Wharf
  • Matarangi - Jetty
  • Tairua - Jetty and Paku Wharf
  • Pauanui - Jetty
  • Whangapoua - Jetty
  • Whangamata - Wharf

You can use Google Maps or our own mapping system to find these locations.

Using our Facilities and Fees

Please contact our customer services to discuss using our wharves.

Passenger Charges

For commercial charter boats and commercial ferry services operating from Council wharf and jetty facilities in the Coromandel-Colville Ward, a charge of $1 per passenger (under 5yrs free) is charged to the operator to assist Council maintain and improve its harbour facilities.

For more information please contact us.


To lease or purchase a mooring on the Peninsula, please contact the Waikato Regional Council or visit their webpage about moorings here.

Rules and Regulations

  • The skipper must ensure the proper and safe berthing of the vessel on our wharfs. The skipper and owner shall be responsible for any damage caused to the wharf or structure by or as a result of the use of such vessel.
  • Please clean up any mess created while berthing at one of our wharfs
  • Animals aren't allowed on the wharf, except to load and unload them from the boat
  • Keep hazardous substances at home. If you need to use a hazardous substance, contact the Harbour Master first.
  • Please don't do something on our wharfs which create objectionable odours
  • We have no responsibility in respect of any goods landed on our wharves. The security of all goods is the responsibility of the boat owner or skipper.
  • Our Wharf Managers may regulate the duration of stay of any vessel at any wharf or structure.
  • You need our Wharf Managers approval to occupy a berth. Contact our customer service centre for their details.