Microchipping your dog

This page gives you information about microchipping your dog.

Dogs are required, by law, to be microchipped and this includes:

  • Dogs being registered for the very first time - since 1 July 2006 (excluding working stock dogs)
  • Dogs classified as dangerous or menacing
  • Dogs impounded, unregistered or dogs impounded more than once.

A microchip is a tiny piece of technology that carries a number unique to your dog, which can be scanned by our animal control officers and vets to identify the dog and its owner.

The microchip is very similar to a supermarket barcode, and is harmlessly implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades. The procedure is as simple as a vaccination.

The microchip is a transponder, which means it responds to a scanner. It is not a transmitter and has no power source.

There is a micro-chipping fee per dog of $25.00.

Benefits of microchipping

If your dog is lost, stolen or has escaped and strayed, it can easily be identified. If your dog is stolen, there is nowhere in New Zealand where it cannot be traced if it is scanned.

Every dog which is also the subject of a complaint and every dog impounded will also be scanned.

For more information see our Dogs - Frequently Asked Question section.