Williamson Park Resource Consent 2017-18

One-off resource consent over summer 2017-18, now closed.

This was a one-off resource consent over the summer period 2017-18. If you are looking to make a submission on the current proposed 15-year resource consent for events to be held at Williamson Park, see www.tcdc.govt.nz/williamsonpark for more information on this.

A resource consent application to hold three evening events over summer 2017-18 at Williamson Park, Whangamata was approved.

This was a one-off consent for 2017-18 summer season and is separate to the resource consent application for events to be held at Williamson Park over a proposed 15-year period. See www.tcdc.govt.nz/williamsonpark for more information on this.

In the consent decision, Commissioner Paul Cooney approved the consent for the three events as non-notified as he acknowledged the Park has a high-level use over the peak summer, including other music events.

The Reserve Management Plan also allows for festivals to take place at Williamson Park for six days over the Christmas to New Year holiday period, subject to meeting noise limits and the staging of these three events is consistent with the reserve use.

The three dates approved were:

  • New Year's Eve, Sunday 31 December 2017 and into Monday 1 January 2018. Music starts at 7pm and finishes at 12.15am. The event finishes at 12.30am.
  • Thursday 4 January 2018 with music starting at 5:30pm and finishing at 10:45pm and the event closing down at 11pm.
  • Saturday 6 January 2018 with music starting at 5:30pm and finishing at 10:45pm and the event closing down at 11pm.

The New Year's event was fenced, ticketed and alcohol-free, while the other two dates (while also being ticketed and fenced), allowed for the organiser to apply for a liquor licence. The resource consent allowed for up to 6000 people at each event.

You can view the decision documents for this Resource Consent application and a full description of how the events were to be managed on the right-hand side of this page.

Whangamata Summer Festival events also ran throughout the day, which includes volleyball, sandcastle and ice cream eating competitions, yoga, beach digs, free kids holiday programme activities, a night market and a huge craft market day.