RMA2015/172 Vodafone New Zealand Ltd - Land Use Consent


Applicant: Vodafone New Zealand Ltd

Application Reference: RMA2015/172

Type of Consent: Land Use Consent

Proposal: The construction, operation and maintenance of a 25m high lattice tower and 2m high lighting rod, with one working "headframe", capable of accommodating twelve panel antenna. In addition, the tower will have sufficient space to accommodate other antennas, including "yagi" type antennas for other wireless communication services that wish to locate on the mast as illustrated in the submitted plans.

The proposal would also include four 1.9m diameter microwave "dish" antenna, these would be located at a height ranging from 21.8m to 17.3m. The proposal would require various communication equipment cabinets including telecommunications cabinets and an AC and fibre cabinet. 

Location: 1038 SH25 - Manaia Kereta/ Te Kouma

Details of the application for resource consent listed below may be examined during normal office hours in the following locations:

  • Council Office at 515 Mackay Street, Thames
  • Coromandel Service Centre, 355 Kapanga Road, Coromandel

Submissions shall be made in writing and shall state:

The reasons for making the submission and the decision that the person wishes the consent authority to make, if known by the person making the submission, and the general nature of any conditions sought; and

Whether or not the person making the submission wishes to be heard in respect of the submission.

Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive to be received by 4:00pm on Thursday 15 October 2015:

The Chief Executive, 
Thames-Coromandel District Council, 
Private Bag, Thames,

A copy of any submission must also be sent to the applicant at the following address.

Green Group Limited
PO Box 105 153