Timed Parking - Mercury Bay

This consultation has now closed. The feedback received was closely split between resident opposition and non-resident support; with an informal survey indicating a marked disagreement to timed parking from resident respondents. The Mercury Bay Community Board have agreed to retain the status quo. "

We encourage people wanting to park their cars for long periods of time to use alternative carpark. Meanwhile  staff will continue to look at how to manage car parking at these sites during peak time.


The proposal for feedback.

The time restrictions proposed are 240 minutes for the Ferry Landing Wharf car park and 120 minutes for part of the Esplanade in Whitianga.

The areas are shown on the maps below.

"The proposal has come from concerns that vehicles are occupying the parking areas for long periods of time, sometimes over many days, preventing residents and visitors from using the parks closest to the ferry service and tourists boats for shorter term parking," says Allan Tiplady, our District Manager North.

Feedback closes Friday 1 June 2018.

How to provide feedback:

  1. Download the feedback form at the right hand side of this page
  2. Save the form to your computer
  3. Open the saved form
  4. Complete your details and comments
  5. Save the form
  6. Click on the mail icon 'send file' in the top left tool bar OR create a new email and add the saved form as an attachment
  7. Send to customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz 

Or you can fill out a hard copy at the Mercury Bay Area Office.

If you would like copies posted or emailed to you please contact us by emailing customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz or phone 07 868 0200.

Your feedback can be emailed to customer.services@tcdc.govt.nz or posted or delivered to:
Attn: Donna Blick
Thames-Coromandel District Council
Mercury Bay Service Centre
10 Monk Street Whitianga, 3510


  • We are often faced with the issue of not enough car parks in busy areas. In any busy urban environment it is important to achieve maximum car park turnover levels so more users get the opportunity to park and not just a few for long periods. This allows the majority of users the most opportunity to achieve a car park close to the amenity.
  • It also permits the elderly and less mobile the best opportunity of achieving a close park.
  • There is ample all day free parking around the wharf and ferry landing within 100-150m of the proposed timed parking area which is under utilised.
  • It does discourage vehicles occupying the most utilised car parks for long periods and in some cases over several days.
  • These parks are not proposed to be paid parking.
  •  We are open to feedback on the length of time imposed on these parks.

Ferry Landing Wharf car park, 240min time restricted parking

Ferry Landing Wharf car park, 240min time restricted parking

The Esplanade, Whitianga, 120min time restricted parking

The Esplanade, Whitianga, 120min time restricted parking