Draft Rates Remission Policy

Read our Draft Rates Remission Policy here

For Council to be able to consider remitting (refunding) any rates charges, it must have a policy to allow it to do so. The Rates Remission Policy has been reviewed and changes to the current policy are proposed. This document sets out these proposals and the revised policy. The proposals include:

  • Introduce an automatic remission of 50% of the fixed charges applicable to owners with one additional unit used as accommodation where these units are 50m2 or less in size (as these are permitted to be built on a property as of right in our District Plan).
  • Introduce a remission for rates of retirement villages to residents who own a “licence to occupy” to an amount equal to the equivalent of the government's rates rebate scheme, should they have owned their homes outright.

To view the policy we asked for feedback on, click here.