Draft Long Term Plan 2015 - 2025

Draft Long Term Plan Highlights. Council adopted the LTP 2015-2025 on 24 June 2015 and full details on it can be found at www.tcdc.govt.nz/ltp.

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Graph showing a 2.08 per cent rise per year average over the next ten years

We’re looking at an average 2.88% rate rise in 2015/16 alongside a draw on our wastewater reserves.
That's because in the 2015/16 year, we are addressing a major cost impact. The three eastern seaboard wastewater plants, completed in 2009, cost approximately $93M.

In the planning phase, before the global financial crisis, it was assumed that 66% would eventually be paid by development contributions via future growth. With the recession this assumption was dashed and in 2015 some $46.6M of unpaid debt will need to transfer to existing ratepayers as future growth will not be enough to repay all of this debt within the 50 year life of the plants. In fact, 1.8% of this average 2.88% rates rise in the first year is attributed to that unpaid debt.

Over the next ten years, $580M is to be spent on core infrastructure and our rates increases will be an average 2.08% per year. If the situation changes favourably in the future, we will review this.

(Note: figures are still awaiting final sign off from Audit NZ and Council and so final figures could still change. Council will sign off the final version at its meeting on Wednesday 24 June.)

Where is the money spent?

Pie graph showing the allocation of the rates spend

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Numbers in brief

The indicative average rate rise is 2.88% in 2015/16 and then lowers to 1.03% in 2018/19, while our external debt is reducing to a level of some $4.5M.

Forecast Debt & Debt Levels*

Debt levels reduce over the next ten years

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*Internal debt is the temporary use of Council funds (reserves) for a different purpose from that for which they were received. As these funds are required they are either directly repaid, or new debt is raised so that the reserves can be used for their original purpose.

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Long Term Plan Highlights

This is not a full list, but just a preview of some of the main deliberations.

i-SITEs and Information Centres

District-wide funding has been retained. Information centres in Tairua, Pauanui, Whangamata and Coromandel town, are to be locally governed with local Area Office contract management. Thames and Whitianga i-SITES will be operated by Destination Coromandel.

Kauri dieback

Funding has been allocated over the next financial year for signage and cleaning facilities to protect significant Kauri on TCDC land from Kauri dieback.

Holiday Homes

The proposed $200 annual fee for anyone advertising to rent their home as short-term holiday accommodation will not be introduced this year.

This has been delayed for a year to give us time to work with accommodation industry stakeholders to explore alternative solutions.


Bed and Breakfast accommodation providers with four or more bedrooms will be rated in the commercial category.

Rates rebates

Those with "licence to occupy" units in retirement villages will now receive a local rates rebate equivalent to the central government rate. To qualify, the retirement village has to be able to prove that the remission goes back to the 'licence to occupy' owner.

Properties with an additional minor unit (such as a granny flat) will get an automatic 50% rates rebate if the unit is not greater than 50m2 (or 60m2 if it has the required certification). Conditions apply.


Stormwater will become district funded for those within Council's stormwater areas of service.
Our stormwater infrastructure also helps increase the Coromandel's resilience to weather events. Without appropriate stormwater management people would not be able to move freely around the community to go about their normal business.

Ongoing support will continue for our three key anchor projects:

Funding highlights (the full list will be posted after 25 June):

  • WW1 Forest Project
  • Heritage promotion
  • Coromandel Arts Strategy development
  • Surf lifesaving
  • Coromandel Rescue Helicopter
  • Sport Waikato
  • Age Concern

Here are a few projects you'll hear more about soon* in your area:

*Some of these projects are already underway

Tairua-Pauanui Community Board area highlights

  • Tairua Mary Beach Wharf and boat ramp
  • Pauanui Trail
  • Pepe Bridge Reserve
  • Water. Council's Water Demand strategy will move from an investigation phase into solutions and options development in the first year of the long term plan.
    Tairua: Work being completed at Pepe Stream will increase water supply, provide continuity of supply for regular demand and improve peak supply issues.
    Pauanui: The Pauanui aquifer reconfiguration project, currently underway, will optimise the water supply system removing the need for a previously signalled upgrade.

Mercury Bay Community Board area highlights

Coromandel-Colville Community Board area highlights

Thames Community Board area highlights

Whangamata Community Board area highlights

  • Kerb priorities
  • Footpath priorities
  • Williamson Park redevelopment
  • Development of Wentworth Valley seal extension and walkway/cycleway options and costs for next year's Annual Plan.

Our Draft Long Term Plan (LTP) for 2015 - 2025 closed for public consultation at 4pm on 9 April.

The final day for deliberations is Friday 22 May 2015. Council's final decisions will be signed off on Wednesday 24 June 2015.

The Draft Long Term Plan indicates Council's major budget priorities and what level of service we can deliver over the next ten years. View our consultation document by clicking here.

We are also consulted on revised versions of the following three policies:

  1. Rates Remission Policy
  2. Revenue and Financing Policy
  3. Development Contributions Policy