Spark New Zealand Limited - RMA20160023

Submissions are now closed and can be viewed at Hearing advice will follow in due course. 3 October 2016: The applicant has withdrawn the application following submissions.

The Thames-Coromandel District Council has received an application for Resource Consent as listed below: 

APPLICANT:            Spark New Zealand Limited    

ADDRESS FOR SERVICE:  C/- Aurecon New Zealand Limited

P O Box 2292

Tauranga 3140

Attention:  Luke  Balchin   

TYPE OF CONSENT: Land Use Consent RMA20160023         

PROPOSAL:    The applicant seeks land use consent to establish, operate and maintain a telecommunications facility in the form of a freestanding monopole, of approximately 15m in overall height.   The monopole would be approximately 1.2 metres in diameter at its base, tapering to 0.75m at the top of the mast.   The mast would be of a non-reflective matt grey finish.   The proposed mast would support a number of panel antenna and a single microwave dish antenna.  

LOCATION:      436 Onemana Drive, Onemana 

ZONING:           Coastal Zone - Coastal Village Policy Area - Designation (water reservoir) 

If you wish to make a submission on the application, you may do so by submitting a written submission to the Chief Executive, Thames-Coromandel District Council, Private Bag, Thames, or by email to to be received by 5.00pm on Monday 29 August 2016. 

Submissions shall be made in writing and shall state: 

(a)          The reasons for making the submission and the decision that the person wishes the consent authority to make, if known by the person making the submission, and the general nature of any conditions sought; and 

(b)          Whether or not the person making the submission wishes to be heard in respect of the submission. 

A form for making submissions is available at Council offices or on our website at 

Details of the application for resource consent are listed below and may also be examined at the following locations:

  • Thames-Coromandel District Council Office at 515 Mackay Street, Thames during normal office hours; or,
  • Whangamata Service Centre, 620 Port Road, Whangamata
  • A copy of any submission must also be sent to the applicant as their address for service.

Supporting Documents:


Site Details 

Site Selection 


National Environmental Standard Assessment 

District Plan Assessment 

Assessment of Actual and Potential Environment Effects 

Part II Assessment 


Computer Freehold Register - Certificate of Title 

Site plan and elevations 

Planning Map 

Radiofrequency Report 

Notification Decision 

Photo montage image as viewed from the beach front reserve 

Photo montage image of proposed mast as viewed from the intersection of Bambury Drive and Onemana Drive