Serenity Retreat Limited - RMA2013-184

The hearing date for Serenity Retreat Limited - RMA2013-184 has been set for 27 April 2016, 9.00am at Council Chambers, 515 Mackay Street Thames.

Resource Management Act 1991 - Serenity Retreat Limited - RMA2013/184

Applicant: Serenity Retreat Limited

Type of consent: Land Use

Purpose of the resource consent:

To establish and operate a travellers accommodation and purpose built conference/wedding facility at 206A Silverstream Falls ROW, Whenuakite.

Location: 206A Silverstream Falls ROW, Tairua Hill

For ease of reference the documentation is provided as seperate downloads.


App A - Application and approved sub layout- Web.pdf

App B - CT- web.pdf

App C - Site Location - Web.pdf

App D - Site Plans and acc units - Web.pdf

App E - Reception Area - Web.pdf

App F - Traffic Ass - Web.pdf

App G - Noise Ass - Web.pdf

App H - Landscape and Visual Ass and Eng Report -Web.pdf

App J - NZTA - Web.pdf

App K - Waikato Regional Council - Web.pdf

App L - Whenukite Kiwi Care - Web.pdf

App M - Ngati Hei - Web.pdf

App N - written approval - Web.pdf

App O - Powerco - Web.pdf

App P - QEII correspondence - Web.pdf

App Q -Reccomended conditions of consent - Web.pdf

Attachment A

Attachment A - Amended Chalet Plans - Web.pdf

Attachment B - Design Concept for the Proposed Chapel - Web.pdf

Attachment C - Boffa Miskell Plans - Web.pdf

App D - Site Plans and acc units - Web.pdf

App E - Reception Area - Web.pdf

Attachment B

Attachment A - Amended Chalet Plans - Web.pdf

Attachment B - Design Concept Proposed Chapel - Web.pdf

Attachment C - RC App for Watewater Disposal - Web.pdf

Attachment D- Boffa Miskell Plans - Web.pdf

Attachment E - Neighbour Consultation - Web.pdf

Attachment F - Right of Way and Lot 50 - Web.pdf

Attachment F -part 2 - Web.pdf

Attachment G - Acoustic Consultant Reponse - Web.pdf

Boffa Miskell Landscape Visual Effect Ecological Response - Web.pdf

Potential impacts development on Kiwi - Web.pdf

Response Planners Plus 26 March 2015 - Web.pdf

Boffa Miskel letter 08072015 - Web.pdf

Letter from Planners Plus 08062015 - Web.pdf

Updated written approval form - Web.pdf

Easement - Web.pdf

Land Covenant - Web.pdf

ROW Lot 50 - Legal opinion - Web.pdf

Ecological response to TCDC 14 Sept 2015 letter - Web.pdf

Response to TCDC 14-03-2016 - Web.pdf

Water and Stormwater report - Web.pdf

Attachment C

RMA20130184 - Submissions - Web.pdf

RMA20130184 C Perks Submission - Web.pdf

RMA20130184 J Kitching Submission - Web.pdf

RMA20130184 Submission - Hsu and Lin - Web.pdf

RMA20130184 submission Reinhard Fuchs 206c Silverstrean Falls - Web.pdf

Serenity Retreat LUC 2013 184 206A - Web.pdf

Silverstream Falls Submission - M Pingram and E Auton - Web.pdf.

Attachment D

S42A Report - Serenity Retreat - FINAL RMA2013-184

Draft Conditions - Web.pdf

Planning Evidence

Planners Evidence

Attachment A - Map of Submitters

Attachment B - WRC Consent

Attachment C - Objectives and Policies

Attachment D - PDP Natural Character Map

Attachment E - ROW Easement

Attachment F - Comments on Draft Conditions

Landscape Evidence

Acoustic Evidence

Traffic Evidence

Ecological Evidence

Submitters Evidence

Statement of Evidence of Graeme James Lawrence

Statement of Evidence of Kerstie Van Zandvoort

Statement of Evidence of Gerardus Henricus Anthonius Kessels