Revocation of Part 1 - Preliminary and General 2004 of the Consolidated Bylaw

Public consultation on this proposal has now closed.

Public consultation on this bylaw has now closed.

You can look at Part 1 - Preliminary and General 2004 of the Consolidated Bylaw and our Statement of Proposal for its revocation by clicking the links on the right of this page.

Part 1 of the Consolidated Bylaw outlines processes for serving orders and notices, powers of delegation and entry, suspension and revocation of licences, removal of works executed contrary to the bylaw, fees and charges, offences and breaches and penalties for breach of any Part of the bylaw.

When the Consolidated Bylaw was adopted in 2004, consolidated bylaws were thought to be the most efficient way to ensure that the terms and expressions used for all bylaws were clear and consistently used.

Consolidated Bylaws are no longer considered to be best practice, and over the last while Council has been making each part of the consolidated bylaw standalone as they have been reviewed.

Currently, only two bylaws remain linked to the Consolidated Bylaw. Part 11 – Nuisances is currently being reviewed, and it is proposed that it be replaced with the standalone Animal Nuisances Bylaw. The other bylaw is Part 21 – Speed Limits, which is proposed to have an administrative change to remove the reference to the consolidated bylaw and make it standalone.

The consultation on this proposal ran from 31 May until 4pm on 1 July 2019.

You can let us know what you think about the proposed revocation by:

  • Submitting online through our consultation portal OR
  • Completing a hard copy submission form. The forms are available to download from the right side of this page, or from our service centres located in Coromandel, Thames, Whangamata and Whitianga, or from our district libraries.