Proposed Water Supply Bylaw -Te Ture-ā-Kaunihera mō Te Manawa Whenua 2019

Submissions have now closed and a new bylaw has been adopted.

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The Water Supply Bylaw came into force 19 December 2019. The bylaw provides Council with a mechanism to protect public water supplies, regulate water use when necessary and encourage more efficient use. 

The Water Supply Bylaw contains provisions that:

  • Enable the Council to protect public health and the security of the district’s public water supplies. which includes backflow prevention. 
  • Detail the responsibilities of both the council and its customers with respect to the public water supplies;
  • Detail the means for the recovery of water supply costs;
  • Outline means to prevent wastage of water;
  • Provide a mechanism for water demand management; and
  • Detail breaches and offences and provide a disputes procedure.

You can download the draft bylaw and statement of proposal by clicking the download option on the right of this page.

Submission forms and hard copies of the statement of proposal and the proposed bylaw are also available from our service centres, Whitianga, Coromandel, Whangamata and Thames

How to have your say

The consultation period for the proposed bylaw was from, 7 October - 8 November 2019.

You could let us know what you think about the proposed bylaw by:

  • submitting online through our consultation portal 
  • completing a hard copy submission form. You can download the form from the right side of the page email or 
  • you can complete a submission form and post it to us at Thames-Coromandel District Council, Private Bag, Thames 3540; or drop it into any of our service centres located in Coromandel, Thames, Whangamata and Whitianga or

If you have any questions about this proposal or about how to make a submission, please contact us on 07 868 0200 or email