Proposed Animal Nuisance Bylaw – Ture-ā-Rohe Kararehe Pōrearea 2019

Public consultation on this bylaw has now closed. We’ve reviewed our Nuisances Bylaw, which has been in force since 2005, and replaced it with a new bylaw that targets nuisances caused by animals (excluding cats and dogs) - the Animal Nuisance Bylaw.

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Public consultation on this bylaw has now closed.

You can download the draft bylaw and statement of proposal by clicking the "Download" option on the right of this page.

The proposed bylaw is aimed at managing the keeping of animals so that they do not create a nuisance or endanger the health of the public. Importantly, the bylaw would not apply to cats or dogs. 

The bylaw makes it possible for anyone to keep animals on their property, even in our towns, provided that certain requirements are met. These include:

All animals
  • All animals must be kept in clean and safe conditions, and must not cause a nuisance to other people.
  • In our urban areas, beehives are not allowed on properties that are smaller than 700 square metres in size. For properties between 700 and 2000 square metres, a maximum of 2 hives is permitted. Properties between 2001 and 4000 square metres in size can have up to 4 hives located on them, while those over 4000 metres in size can have up to 6 hives.
  • If you have a beehive on your property, it must be at least 5 metres away from any boundary.
  • All beehives or beekeepers in the district must be registered under the Biosecurity Act 1993 and the Biosecurity (National American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan) Order 1998.
  • Pigs are allowed in urban areas, but all pigsties need to be a minimum of 50 metres away from any house, street or public place, or anywhere that is used for preparing, storing, or selling food.
  • For the purposes of this bylaw, the term poultry means any live bird that is kept or raised to produce eggs, hatching eggs or poultry products, and includes geese, ducks, pigeons, turkeys, emus, ostriches and all types of domestic fowls.
  • The bylaw prohibits roosters in all urban areas.
  • It allows up to 6 head of poultry on properties in the urban area, as long as they are kept in a clean, well-maintained poultry house that is at least 10 metres away from any house, factory or any other building, and at least 2 metres away from the boundary of adjoining properties.

The public consultation on this Bylaw ran from 31 May until 4pm on 1 July 2019.

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Animal Nuisance Bylaw infographic