Organic Waste Kerbside Collections Consultation

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This consultation has now closed

Organic waste is defined as household food waste and green waste (garden clippings).

To gauge whether the community  would prefer a household kerbside organic waste collection, ie food waste and green waste combined or a food waste collection only, we ran a survey from 22 March to 12 April 2022.

All waste in your current Council prepaid blue rubbish bags goes to landfill. Currerntly, about half the contents of a typical blue bag is food waste. Minimising waste to landfill is one of the objectives of Council’s Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (  

A kerbside household organic waste collection would be in addition to the rubbish and recycling collection service you currently receive. There would be an additional solid waste rating charge for the provision of this service.

Your response to our survey will help inform decision making on a household organic waste kerbside collection service in our district. The Government through the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) has recently (March 2022) announced that they will be consulting on standardising household kerbside recycling across New Zealand. Access for urban households to a food scraps collection is one of the options being considered. While no decision has been made by MfE at this stage, it is worth noting that the outcome of this consultation process may impact on how various waste streams are managed in our district in future.  

If our Council opted to include organic waste in Kerbside collections, it could start in September next year, when our new solid waste contract/s would begin. In addition, we are preparing to review our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan later this year, so keep an eye out for how to be involved in that.

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