Draft Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

Invest in the Coromandel: Mayor Glenn Leach

The Thames-Coromandel District Economic Development Action Plan has been carefully developed to ensure it is aligned with Central Government’s Business Growth Agenda and Aquaculture Strategy and our Council’s own mission and objectives.

However, more importantly, the action plan has been developed to facilitate economic growth by capitalising on our district’s existing strengths and opportunities.

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where it’s an easy decision for the private sector to invest in businesses and jobs on the Coromandel and where it’s an easy decision for our large non-resident population to spend more time here, or decide to live here permanently.

If we can facilitate the growth of population and employment we can create even more vibrancy and economic viability in our communities. If we can build the vital infrastructure we need, more people will come and experience the Coromandel we all already know and love.

Here’s our plan to make it happen.

Mayor Glenn Leach

Is our Economic Development Action Plan heading in the right direction?

We are setting six major economic targets to achieve.

  1. An average annual increase in real exports of greater than 5% (includes tourism) so that the ratio of exports to GDP is 40% by 2025
  2. An average real GDP increase of greater than 2.5% by the end of 2018
  3. A permanent population increase of 5000 by the end of 2018 (as measured in the next national census)
  4. An increase in rateable units of greater than 2.5% by the end of 2018
  5. A 5%+ annual increase in visitor guest nights
  6. Increase in employment on the Coromandel by 5% by the end of 2018

Read the action plan and summary and tell us what you think.


Please email us your feedback or please send it in writing to:

Benjamin Day - Economic Development and Communications Manager , Thames-Coromandel District Council , Private Bag, Thames 3540

Copies of the Action Plan and Summary can also be picked up from a TCDC Service Centre, or email us and we can mail you out a copy.

If you have any questions please also feel free to call us on 07-868-0200.

The opportunity for feedback will close at 5pm Friday 29 November 2013.