District Plan Variation 2 - Whitianga Airfield

A full copy of the Decision Report can now be viewed below. No appeals were received.

The proposed variation seeks to amend two separate tables in Section 28 'Airfield Height and Noise'. Specific changes are proposed for Whitianga Airfield and the main and subsidiary runway are identified consistently in both tables. The proposed amendments are firstly, to amend rules to no longer provide for instrument flying or for aircraft greater than 5700 kg maximum certified take-off weight to use Whitianga Airfield; and secondly to amend the planning maps.

The amendments proposed to Planning map 17D Airfield Height Restriction Overlay 'Whitianga Airfield' (with consequential amendment to overlay maps 17A and 17B); will be:

  • Amending the Main Transitional Surface, also called an Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) from a 1:7 gradient to a 1:5 gradient; and 
  • Showing the main runway strip in its actual location; and
  • Amending the main runway strip length to 1265m (04-22); and
  • Future proofing the runway strip width to 80m.

The proposed change of gradient to the OLS is expected to better reflect the current and foreseeable future use of the airfield, while not unnecessarily constraining development of adjacent residential sites.

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Further Submissions

A summary of the decisions sought in the submissions lodged on Variation 2 - 'Whitianga Airfield' has been compiled. Council is now notifying this summary for 'further submissions', as required under the Resource Management Act (RMA). 'Further submissions' only allow people to either support or oppose an original submission on the variation.

The summary of the decisions sought by submitters and a copy of any submission can be viewed by clicking on each submitter below. A copy of the submission summary and the original submissions can also be viewed at the Public Libraries in Thames, Whitianga and Tairua and the Council offices in Thames and Whitianga during normal office hours.

In accordance with Clause 8 in Schedule 1 of the RMA, only the following persons may lodge a 'further submission' supporting or opposing any original submission:

  • Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; or
  • Any person that has an interest in the variation greater than the interest that the general public has; or
  • The Thames-Coromandel District Council.

A 'further submission' is limited to either supporting or opposing any submission or submission point in an original submission. New matters cannot be raised in a 'further submission'. A copy of the 'further submission' must be sent to the person who made the original submission within 5 working days of serving the submission on the Council.

Further Submissions closed on Friday 6 October 2017. 

Section 42A Hearing Report

Please click here for the Section 42A Hearing Report.

This is a summary of all the submissions and further submissions, and recommendations made for the Commissioner's consideration.

The hearing will take place on Friday 8th December 2017, 9am in the Council Chambers at TCDC, 515 Mackay St, Thames.

Commissioner's Directions 12 December 2017

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Following the hearing, Commissioner Alan Watson has directed as outlined in the report above.

Decision on Variation 2 'Whitianga Airfield'

Notice is hereby given that decisions on the submissions and further submissions to Variation 2 'Whitianga Airfield' have been issued.

The decisions on submissions and further submissions have been sent to submitters and further submitters and are now released by Council.These decisions amend some provisions and rules for Whitianga Airfield in the Proposed Thames-Coromandel District Plan. Those sections amended include rules in Section 28 'Airfield Height and Noise'; and Planning map 17D 'Whitianga Airfield' to show the actual runway location and the 'main transitional surface' as a 1 in 5 gradient.

The Proposed District Plan shall be deemed to have been amended in accordance with those decisions from the date of this public notice.

Further enquiries can be made to the Policy and Planning Coordinator - (07) 868 0200.

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