Advertising and Signs Bylaw Consultation

This consultation is now closed.

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Public consultation on our Council's proposed Advertising and Signs Bylaw closed on 19 June 2017.

Council adopted the bylaw in September and it takes effect on 1 December 2017.

The proposed bylaw would help our Council regulate advertising and signs by nature of their placement, size, content, and type in different zones of our district.

Our previous bylaw controlling advertising was revoked in 2014 while the District Plan was being reviewed. Now that a new District Plan has been adopted, we have drafted this bylaw to ensure that advertising signs do not present a hazard, obstruction or danger to public safety.

The content of signs can't breach the Human Rights Act by being discriminatory or advocating discrimination and they can't incite or counsel anyone to commit an offence.

The proposed bylaw recognises the need to advertise businesses and promote commerce, activities and events and balances this with the need to ensure such signs do not affect public safety.

The bylaw does not apply to state highway road reserves. The NZ Transport Agency has its own bylaw to cover these areas.

The bylaw clearly states that signs, posters or other advertising devices cannot be placed on any Council-controlled property without the written approval of Council. 

The schedules to the bylaw state the maximum size, height and ground clearance of different types of signs for different zones of our district.

These types of regulations take into consideration the cumulative effect of signs in areas where clusters of them could prove distracting to drivers.