Transport Investment Plan

Council endorsed a Transport Investment Plan at its 8 December 2020 meeting

This project sits within the 'Connected Journeys' workstream of our Council's Productivity Plan, which was first conceptualised in late 2018.

The Transport Investment Plan identifies a list of potential initiatives/projects which could be pursued – provided it has full investment from external funding channels.None of the initiatives in the Transport Plan have any budget allocated in the upcoming 2021-2031 Long Term Plan, but could be put forward for opportunities through government/external funding if, and when, they are made available.

The list of initiatives identified are:

1. ResilienceWaka Kotahi/TCDC Joint Transport Network Programme Business Case.

To deal with:access network, prioritise areas of high risk and create an adaptive pathway at set trigger points. This will identify initiatives for 2024 LTP and Land Transport Plans (RLTP & NLTP)

  • Cost estimate - $200K-$400K
  • Potential Partners – Waka Kotahi/NZ Transport Authority & WRC2.

2,.Walking and cycling/Connectivity/Public Transport/TCDC Mode Shift Strategy & Programme Business Case.

Identify key safety investments for walking and cycling (urban cycle lanes/off road paths,intersection improvements), understand range of walking and cycling opportunities, prioritise trails to deliver economicbenefits, viability/sustainability of community/public transport services to connect the district, connect district to other main centres, support ferry and air connections with public transport services.

  • Cost estimate - $100K-$200K
  • Potential Partners – Iwi, Waka Kotahi, WRC, DOC, NZTrails Trust, Te Waka, NZ Walkingaccess commission

3. Safety and amenity/Visitor transport infrastructure improvements

Improved wayfinding/ signage and safe pull over areas around the district at key, tourism destinations

  • Cost estimate - $100K
  • Potential Partners – Heritage NZ (HNZ), Tourism NZ, Destination Coromande

4. Freight Feasibility study for an east coast freight hub to complement the existing hub in Kopu and provide resilience to the east coast.

  • Cost estimate - $100K
  • Potential Partners – Te Waka, commercial investors, government

To inform the Transport Investment Plan workshops were held in August 2020.

These workshops were:

  1. Joint councils and iwi – mayors and chief executives from Hauraki District Council, Matamata-Piako District Council, Thames-Coromandel District Council and the Hauraki Maori Collective Trust Board.
  2. .Mercury Bay community
  3. Whangamata community
  4. Thames and Coromandel-Colville communities
  5.  Key partners – Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, Department of Conservation, Heritage New Zealand, Fire and Emergency.