Our Business Brokers are here to help

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Our Council now has a single-point of contact to help big business and development projects navigate through the different Council departments they need to deal with.

Subdivision projects and business development initiatives often require input from staff in Planning, Legal, Health, Licences, Concessions, Building Consents and Infrastructure services.

We want to make sure people who are investing in our communities receive everything they need from our Council in order to drive their projects forward.

This will help retain and grow economic activity - creating jobs and opportunities for the people of the Coromandel.

To make sure all our Council departments work together in a seamless fashion to provide the best service possible, we have adopted the Business Friendly Council guidelines produced by Local Government New Zealand in partnership with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The guidelines provide six principles to create a business-friendly environment:

  • Build excellent relationships and partnerships
  • Context matters - identify local challenges and local business needs
  • Provide certainty and clarity for business decision-making
  • Make every interaction with business count
  • Be proactive and look for opportunities to support business
  • Respond rapidly and flexibly to business after major emergencies

These principles recognise the crucial role local government plays in developing, attracting and retaining economic activity.

It's this activity that provides the jobs to retain and attract families to the Coromandel and keep our beautiful peninsula a dynamic and prosperous place.

To contact our Business Broker call Yvonne Franklin, our Commercial Consent Planner, on

07 8680200 Ext. 233, or email to yvonne.franklin@tcdc.govt.nz