Tairua Skate Facility

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Following discussions with key users, stakeholders and individual land owners, the new facility will have a high-quality concrete finish and be complemented by landscaping, earth bunding and seating and will doubtless prove to be a well-loved addition to the recreation opportunities currently at Cory Park Domain.

Pepe Reserve was also considered as an option, however the amount of land available and zoning did not make it the preferred site. You can view the comprehensive report here.

The new facility will be located where the existing fitness equipment is, which will be relocated elsewhere. The new facility includes a flat street skate area ideal for beginners and advanced skaters and scooter riders, as well as a flow bowl adjacent to the tennis court.  There is opportunity for landscaping around the park with some minor earth bunding (maximum of 1m) at the Mania Road end and coastal vegetation planting for screening and amenity. 

The proposal is estimated at $450,000 with community fund raising required for $150,000 before construction. Cory Park Domain is zoned for active recreation activities such as sports grounds, facilities for tennis and netball, cricket and rugby as well as skate parks. This zone anticipates noise from these uses as part of the intent and use of the park.

A certificate of compliance has now been lodged but in the meantime, please tell us what you think of the concept design by filling out the survey here before it closes on Friday 4 December. Hard copies can also be picked up and submitted from the Tairua Library from Monday 9 November.


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The Tairua-Pauanui Community Board has prioritised budget for investigation and construction of a skate facility through its 2018-2028 Long Term Plan ($150,000). This has been in response to long term community demand for a skate facility to cater for all skill and age levels in Tairua.In September 2019 both Tairua and Hikuai School children were involved in helping to identify the type of skate facility and features they would like.

In February/March 2020 a feasibility assessment was undertaken, and two new concept plans were developed for Pepe Reserve, and adjoining residents were consulted on their views.

At its 18 May 2020 meeting, the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board considered a report that looked at a number of historic and new locations considered for skate facilities in Tairua.

The Board requested; “staff progress development of detailed design of a community skate facility at Cory Park with key users, stakeholders and adjoining residents.”

The 18 May report outlined the options for the development of a skate facility in Tairua to assist the Community Board with the next steps of this project.  The report has been informed by initial consultation with adjoining residents, user groups and skate park designers. The report highlighted two clear preferred locations, that met suitable site criteria, these were Pepe Reserve and Cory Park. Pepe Reserve was identified to contain a number of constraints including proximity to residential properties, infrastructure and conflicting users making it impractical to construct a usable skating area. However, the main constraint with Pepe Reserve is its proximity to residential houses (discussions were held with residents), and the underlying park zoning which provides for a more passive recreation activity (walking, cycling, children’s swings etc), rather than more formal recreation activities such as skate parks. As such, a Discretionary resource consent would be required for a skate facility at Pepe reserve with a minimum number nominated of adjoining residents to be notified as affected parties.

Cory Park is zoned for active or formal recreation, where activities such as rugby, and skate parks are an anticipated use and are Permitted within that zone. Cory Park has enough flat, open space. Discussion with Tairua Skate Board user group and the Rugby Club, on 30 April, met with initial support for the proposal with the long-term aspiration by the club for a sporting ‘hub’ at the park, with improvements to the netball and tennis courts and cricket nets part of their initial priorities. The club have recently installed lighting and have funding for CCTV cameras as well as new cricket nets at the north eastern corner of the park.

A concept was developed with Tairua skateboard users in discussions with Tairua Rugby Club for the north western corner of Cory Park. This concept incorporated a design that was built around the new cricket nets and was to be a two-stage facility with a flat street skate area and a flow bowl.

A meeting was held on 23 July 2020 with Hornsey Road residents to discuss this proposal, and there was strong opposition with key points being:

  • Skate facility will attract more anti-social behaviour
  • Skate facility will be noisy
  • There are no toilet facilities close by
  • They wanted staff to investigate a location out of town, away from housing

At Council’s 2019/20 Annual Plan deliberations meeting on 2 June 2020, Council reduced the budget to $50,000 as part of a district wide measure in response to COVID-19, as well as a response to a level of uncertainty around the location of the facility. .

Staff had also concluded that there was no ideal out of town location for a skate facility, due to high costs associated with land purchase, and other access and flooding issues.

Following the concept plan development at the northwest corner of Cory Park, and discussions with surrounding residents, a new centrally located skate facility is proposed. This new location and concept design (to be attached) was informed by a skate park construction company and Tairua skateboard users, in response to surrounding residents’ concerns. A new centrally located facility would provide further distance and buffer from those houses, particularly along Hornsey Road. The new location would provide for the ability to appropriately landscape the skate facility.

The Tairua skate community are investigating numerous funding agencies, including Grassroots, NZCT, Lions, Trillian Trust, Trust Waikato, Tu Manawa, with the intent to contribute a co-funding amount.