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COVID-19 case confirmed in Thames and how we can prepare for more cases over summer - this and other Council news

19 November 2021

Find out about these important Council projects and activities and other goings on in our district.

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up of our latest Council project news, important dates and information about what's happening in our District.

If you missed last Friday’s Council news wrap-up, read it here.

COVID-19 confirmed in our District and how we can prepare for more cases over summer

With a confirmed case of COVID-19 found in Thames a drive-through testing and vaccination site has been set up at Rhodes Park and will be open between 9am and 5pm until Sunday. No appointment necessary. Bring your mobile phone and your National Health Index number if you have this handy, but it's not required. 

"It's vital to follow Ministry of Health guidelines on reducing the spread of this virus by wearing your mask, scanning the contact tracing app or signing the register and keeping a social distance from others," says Sally Christie, Thames Councillor and Chair of our Emergency Management Committee.

Vaccination is the armor to protect our summer

With the western Waikato now out of Level 3 lockdown and Auckland borders confirmed to be opening on Wednesday 15 December, we're expecting many visitors to our district. While this is great news for our local visitor industry, our Council is aware of the risk of COVID-19 spreading in our communities.

"Our Council's role in this new stage of the COVID pandemic is sharing information with our communities and helping with coordination between agencies," says Councillor Christie. "We're not in a health and welfare space as we just don't have the resources."

Ministry of Health has all the information about how to reduce the transmission of the virus and what to do if you think you have symptoms.

Our Council’s Emergency Management Unit is also working with several government agencies including the DPMC (Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet), Waikato District Health Board and other councils such as Taupō and Queenstown who have high summer visitor numbers, to better understand how we can all manage best during this period.

Over the next two weeks we will bring you news, information, statistics, and recommendations on what you need to do and prepare for, specific to us on the Coromandel.

Thames-Coromandel District vaccination statistics as of 16 November.

Area                                                     1st dose                        2nd dose

Whangamatā– Ohui                             83%                         73.8%

Hikuai – Pauanui – Tairua                    69.4%                      61.2%

Mercury Bay South                               83.8%                      74.3%

Mercury Bay North                               80.4%                       73.6%

Coromandel – Colville                         74.9%                       63.3%

Thames Coast                                      86.8%                       79.10%

Thames North                                       87.5%                      79.9%

Totara – Kōpū                                        89.4%                      82%


“Being vaccinated is the best tool we have in the toolbox right now if we are to provide ourselves with the best protection from becoming really unwell,” says our Civil Defence Controller and Manager of the Emergency Management Unit Garry Towler. “Looking at these latest stats, the main eastern seaboard holiday spots have the lowest rates so it’s time to get cracking before it’s too late.”

If you’re not vaccinated already, here are local vaccination clinics. Click the image for a larger PDF. 

If you are still unsure about the COVID-19 vaccination, here are some helpful resources to help you make an informed decision. Remember: Vaccination is your armour to protect your summer. We encourage every eligible member of our district to protect themselves and others by getting double vaccinated ahead of the summer season.

COVID-19 symptoms

Information about the COVID-19 vaccination

How does the COVID-19 vaccine work?

How can we be confident getting vaccinated is safe? 

Network Resealing Programme

The resurfacing maintenance programme on our Council's roads is now two weeks into their schedule. Check out the planned works for next week below. 

Our contractor is delivering letters to all nearby / affected households in advance of any urban streets being resurfaced. This letter drop will provide additional information you'll find useful, including the planned date of resurfacing. It would be great if all vehicles are parked off the road on the day of the works to allow the full width of the road to be surfaced. Any vehicles parked on the road following notification may be towed to a nearby towing yard at the owner's cost to allow the work to proceed.  

In addition to letter drops, updates of the work programme will be provided on the Council’s Facebook page and this website and daily updates broadcast on local radio stations providing up-to-date information on the sites programmed for the day. 

Following completion of the surfacing there will be speed restrictions in place and loose chip on the road surface. Loose chip will be noticeable throughout the early stages of the seal's life. This is to be expected and sites where it's thought necessary will be re-swept at later dates. 

While the work is being done, traffic will be controlled by stop/go traffic controllers and temporary traffic management. We will attempt to minimise inconvenience to motorists, but drivers are asked to be patient and follow the directions of traffic controllers and temporary speed restriction signs.

Road resealing programme - week beginning Monday 22 November 

Whangapoua – Te Punga Road, Mangakahia Drive, Tangiora Avenue, Whangapoua Road
Matarangi – Matarangi Drive, Waimarie Avenue, Ocean Close (North, South, and Loop), Ngaio Drive, Rangiora Cres, Nikau Close
Tairua – Pine Grove, Windsor Drive, Pepe Drive Daphne Road, Ocean Beach Road LLA, Sailors Grave Rd
Cooks Beach – Purangi Road.


Tree Vandalism in Whitianga

We’re investigating the intentional destruction of three pohutukawa trees on our Council reserve at Buffalo Beach Reserve near the Taputapuatea stream in Whitianga.

Two of the trees were drilled, and one tree had herbicide dumped at its base.

“This is truly disgusting,” says Rekha Percival, Mercury Bay Community Board Chair. “Our Board and this Council take instances of tree vandalism extremely seriously and we will be doing our most to find the offender or offenders.”

This is a criminal offence that is unacceptable and illegal.  Council staff are currently investigating this latest vandalism alongside the police.

Signs will be erected where the trees are, and the Board will be considering what options they have to replace the damaged trees.

Kuranui Christmas Tree Lights 

treeThe old incandescent multi-coloured set of lights used in the Kuranui Christmas tree are unfortunately unable to be repaired for this Christmas season.  Luckily, we've invested in a new LED set of lights, which will be put on the Norfolk Pine tree in the Reserve.

These LED lights save electricity and cause significantly less safety issues as the bulbs are not made of glass.

Delivery dependent, these brand-new lights should be up and running by mid-December.

Cool Electric and Franklin Trees have again kindly donated their time to do the necessary electrical re-fit and provide arborists to put up the lights



Works in your area

WEEDSNotification of Aquatic Weed Control - Cooks Beach 

Our contractors will be applying herbicide to control the growth of aquatic weeds in the Cooks Beach stormwater lakes (Reserves: 13 Scott Drive & 21 Motukorure Parade, Cooks Beach)

This will start Monday 22 November and run until Friday 26 November, inclusive and weather permitting.

Please don't enter the waterways or to take water from the ponds for at least 24 hours after final application.

Appropriate safety signage will be displayed while our contractors are working in the area. We're asking people to avoid the area if possible while work is being carried out.

We appreciate your cooperation. For more information call us and ask to talk to our Water Services team on 07 868 0200.

RTSWhitianga Refuse Transfer Station 

The establishment of a Refuse Transfer Station (RTS) in Whitianga is currently underway with an expected date of completion in mid to late 2022. 

Our Council has been working with key stakeholders and have now completed the design work. Earthworks are expected to begin in June alongside roading construction, parking areas and general tidying of the area involved. 

A weighbridge and compactor has been procured. 

This project will go out to tender this year with a call being made on preferred contractors in January 2022. 

parkPorritt Park gets new soft-fall material

100m3 of brand new soft-fall playground material will be added to Porritt Park playground in Thames.

These works will take place on Tuesday 23 November so the playground will be shut that day.

Hauraki and Rhodes Park playgrounds are next in line for new soft-fall the following week

seatSnazzy facelift for Coastal Pathway seats

The well-used seats on the Thames Coastal Pathway near Danby Field have received a facelift to match the Underfoot Gallery artwork. 



mariMeri Te Tai Mangakahia Reserve Playground Revamp 

 As part of our Council's Meri Te Tai Mangakahia Reserve Upgrade in Whangapoua, the playground is getting a revamp. 

A plan has been confirmed which includes works for this area and is inclusive of new playground equipment, updated seating and planting, as well as an electric bbq area for public use.  Input is also being received from local kids who use the facility.

Currently the team are awaiting the documentation to support their current plan before taking this project to tender.

Whitianga water meter project

Over the past month, a total of 543 properties have been completed. Work is occurring in Whitby Ave, Santa Maria Drive, Endeavour Close.   

Our contractors are facing a few challenges on some sites such as connections located within/under gardens and within concrete, tree root intrusions around meter boxes, and working in close proximity to other utilities. The good news is they are working around these challenges. 

Meter supply and installation contract negotiations are almost complete.

Public consultations

Adapting to Climate Change: Online meetings available

We need your input so we can prepare for the impacts of climate change. Although our in-person and online public meetings for our Shoreline Management Project have now concluded, you can still give feedback on adaptation options like managed retreat or coastal protection. 

You can send us your feedback online here. There are detailed instructions in the link on how to use the feedback tool and provide your comments alongside your section of coastline.

If you would prefer to simply email us, then please send any feedback to and include which section of coastline you are providing feedback on.

Find out more about this project at

Local Alcohol Policy Review

The Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) is being reviewed and is out for public consultation until Monday 29 November.  

The most significant impact of the LAP is to limit the hours that licensed premises may trade, compared to the default national maximum trading hours permitted by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

This policy also controls when, where and how alcohol is sold and guides the District Licensing Authority in its decision making about alcohol licences in the district and provides a guide for those applying for an alcohol licence. 

It doesn’t regulate our alcohol ban areas – the Alcohol Control Bylaw does that.  

The policy came into effect in 2016 and it’s time for a review otherwise it will lapse. It went through a robust process when it was originally drawn up and we don’t see any reason to change it, but what do you think?

Have your say at

Meetings and Community Board updates

To read the agenda for these meetings, you can find them here. We have one meeting left before the end of the year.

• 7 December 2021 - Council Meeting