Jack McLean Community Recreation Centre

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This facility is open and operating under COVID-19 Delta level 2 restrictions

  • Limit of 100 people
  • Anyone entering the facility must sign in by scanning the QR code (strongly preferred method) or using another contact tracing mechanism
  • Wearing of a face mask whilst inside the facility apart from when the hirer is undertaking physical activity (exercising)
  • Social distancing is not required for those participating in the sporting activity
  • Social distancing and mask wearing is required for spectators
  • Do not intermingle with other groups that may be using the other Court at the same time as your booking
  • Do not use shared areas such as change room facilities
  • Use hand sanitiser and disinfect touch points (door handles) upon exit

The Jack McLean Community Recreation Centre is a two-court indoor sports facility located at Thames High School (303 Sealey Street, Thames) but is entered from Rolleston Street opposite the High School pool (714 Rolleston Street, Thames). The centre is suitable for hosting senior-level tournaments for netball, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and other sports. It is also available for non-sporting activities.

The Facility is available for use between the hours of 5.30am and 10.30pm

It is for the joint use of the community and the High School.

To make a one-off booking, please fill in the form on the right side of this page and return it to our Customer Services team. To make an ongoing booking, contact Council's Recreation Manager.

Please note that for one-off bookings the perimter access card that is required to gain entry into the Facility will only be provided to the hirer noted on the Application for Hire Form.

Court 1 - mezzanine with bleachers for 100 spectators. Court-side bleachers for 75. Plus two allocated spaces for wheelchair users. Please note: If we are in COVID 19 Delta Two restrictions, there is a 100 person limit on indoor gatherings

Court 2 - mezzanine with bleachers for spectators.

Multi-purpose Room - kitchen with microwave, dish-drawer and small fridge. Six tables and 30 chairs. Mounted overhead projector.

Full facility - 96 lockers No charge for use of lockers. Bring your own padlock for the period of the booking - padlocks left on lockers will be removed after bookings. There are also full toilets, showers and changing rooms plus two accessibility/family change rooms.

There is an accessibility car parking space adjacent to the pedestrian crossing. There is a car park on Rolleston St across from the main entrance to the Jack McLean Community Recreation Centre.

Sports equipment is provided by the individual clubs for their use, apart from the basketball hoops which are part of the facility. If you wish to make a booking for a sport and need to use equipment we can help you get in touch with the right club to rent their equipment.

Fees and charges:

All Fees and Charges are inclusive of GST. 

Jack McLean Community Recreation CentreUnits2021/2022
Court 1 (new gym) Hourly rate $25.00
Court 2 (old gym) Hourly rate $25.00
Multi-Purpose Room Hourly rate $15.00
Whole facility Hourly rate $50.00